Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Back after a jaunt to St. Louis, Missouri, the Mighty Mississippi, and a concert by the even mightier Bruce Springsteen. I neglect my blog for just a few days, and when I return--lo and behold, some opposition to John Roberts, the President's Supreme Court pick, has slithered out from among a nest of vermin under a Rock of Ages.

Seems that some of Bush's True Red supporters, those who wallowed in the bloodbath of Passion of the Christ and devour that series of cartoonish novels that combine half-assed science fiction with full-throttle fire and brimstone, are upset that Roberts worked on a case that defended the rights of human beings who have the audacity to presume that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is germane to their same-sexuality.

Repent, you son of a bitch!

Last week, those U.S. citizens who fancy themselves moderate Bush supporters, an oxymoron if I ever heard one, became a bit queasy when they heard their man boost the teaching of intelligent design, i.e. Protestant Christian Creationism, alongside evolutionary science. Now, they have something else to worry about--the emerging reality of organized opposition to J.R., but from folks who want damnation for dykes and fags.

(I imagine there'll be some sort of public renunciation on J.R.'s part of his involvement in that case, along with a pledge not to be an activist judge who has seditious and strange ideas about how our Constitution and Bill of Rights should apply to ALL Americans.)

Two observations: If you voted for Bush, you voted for all of the very worst flies and maggots that are drawn to the pile of shit that is his ideology, and this serves you right (and the rest of us, very wrong);

And, when is what passes for the Left in this country going to start making some noise and getting some media coverage by opposing J.R. for the right reasons?


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